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Save on your flood insurance premiums by having Avalon House Lifting install SMART VENTS into your existing foundation, even if you cannot afford to lift your home at this time. Call us for a FREE Smart Vents installation ESTIMATE!

Flood Vents protect houses and buildings in floodplains by preventing hydrostatic pressure buildup that can destroy walls and foundations. This mitigation technique is referred to as Wet Floodproofing.

Homeowners are all turning to Smart Vent Foundation Flood Vents to protect homes from the devastation and destruction that floods can cause. Smart Vent is providing over 80 million sq. ft. of certified flood protection around the world today.

Wet Floodproofing

Our line of wet floodproofing engineered flood vents are currently providing over 100 million sq. ft. of flood protection around the world today. Not only are we the worldwide leading manufacturer in foundation flood venting systems but also ICC-ES certified, FEMA Accepted, and American made.  For more information on our flood vent product line visit our product catalog.