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We plan ahead so you don’t fail. From the first day we work with you to the day you move back into your home again, we will be following a thorough process start to finish. By using our blueprint for success, we are able to worry about the details ahead of time to proceed with no surprises. Some of the typical considerations for your project include:


  • Current Survey required showing NAVD 88 Base Flood Elevation, first floor elevation and peak roof elevation
  • Design drawings from Architect or Engineer detailing lifted and/or renovated home
  • Soil boring testing to determine foundation requirements for your home site
  • Careful inspection under the home identifying joist positioning and support structure requirements for placement of the lifting steel
  • Design drawings showing proposed new foundation from Architect or Engineer to be be submitted for permit either on Pile, spread footings, or other
  • Lift plan from Architect or Engineer showing recommended cribbing details (in some Municipalities)
  • Permitting costs per town or Municipality by owner


  • Utility mark-out prior to any digging on site
  • Home and site preparation for lifting to include Utility disconnection (Gas, Electric, Cable, Phone)
  • Removal of decks and steps and other obstructions
  • Removal of any shrubs and landscaping around the home providing a clear path for lifting steel insertion under the home
  • Disconnection of heating and Air Conditioners
  • Removal of ALL plumbing and electrical under the home that would obstruct lifting steel insertion.?? Any piping or wiring that is cut or removed will have to be replenished later as part of the project
  • Removal of siding where lifting steel will be inserted.?? If Asbestos, remediation required for handling by licensed third party remediation company
  • Break holes in foundation where steel will be inserted for lifting
  • Install T-Pole for temporary metered Electrical construction power


  • When ready, begin the lifting process one push at a time by lifting and supporting the home until the home is at required elevation
  • Once the home is lifted into position, remove all jacking equipment and secure the home on wood cribbing in preparation for foundation work to begin


  • Provide additional lumber support if needed around perimeter of the home
  • Determine 4x4 cribbing pit locations if needed and dig them under the home
  • Insertion of Lifting Steel at various pre-determined points around the home structure along the length and width as needed
  • Placement of hydraulic lifting jacks at strategic lifting point locations under the home under the structural steel


  • If a new foundation is needed, begin removal of existing foundation in preparation
  • If helical pile are required, provide as specified by Architect or Engineer
  • Construct new foundation and piers as required by Architect or Engineer
  • Provide Engineered beams or dimensional lumber support systems as required by Architect or Engineer
  • Access doors and/or windows in the foundation
  • When the foundation is completed and cured, lower the home back onto the new sill plate and remove wood support cribbing
  • Carpentry as required to repair or replace damaged or worn members under the home
  • Replacement of insulation and/or ceiling under the home as needed
  • Vapor barrier and/or Rat slab under the home as needed
  • Replacement of damaged or removed horizontal plumbing and electrical under the home
  • Rebuilding of decks, landings and steps required by Architect or Engineer
  • Repair or replacement of any damage to driveway and walks
  • Repair or replacement of siding that was removed for lifting
  • Interior drywall and paint repairs/cracks required if the house shifts during lifting
  • Reconnection of Utilities (Gas, Electrical, Cable, Phone)
  • Any renovation work requested would be done when the home is lowered back onto the new foundation
  • Any painting or touchup as needed
  • Site cleanup and debris removal
  • Grading and landscaping replacement/repair