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Our unified lifting system will lift your home slowly and evenly regardless of size, shape, or weight distribution. Our system is so effective that you will not even have to remove your belongings in order to lift your home!


By lifting your legacy family home at the shore you will improve and protect it for generations to come and save money on your flood insurance. You can also choose to make renovations at the time of the lift and save big money vs. tear-down or new construction. LIFTING and RENOVATING can be the best choice for your family home at the shore.


With 40+ years of new home construction & renovation experience, you will be very pleased with AVALON HOUSE LIFTING LLC’s ability to lift and renovate your home. Adding decks and steps, new windows, siding, heating and AC systems; no matter what you would like to do, we can manage your project from start to finish!


We at AVALON HOUSE LIFTING will manage your entire project, not just the lifting. There is far more to raising your home than the lifting itself.

Don’t wait another year to lift your house. We can lift your home to the base flood elevation. Lifting your house can help you save significantly on flood insurance in the years to come. Weather experts predict more violent storms in the future of the Jersey Shore, so be prepared.

We also have years of experience renovating and repairing homes. Many homeowners take the opportunity of being absent from their home during the lift process to complete much needed repairs or make new renovations and customizations. Often, new stairs, railings, decks and more need to be installed after the lift. By using the latest materials that have been proven to endure Jersey Shore weather, let us help you create a home that will last for generations to come. Watch this video to see us lift and renovate a home.